Corn Drying Kiln at Kilnsey

Project location/site: Kilnsey Green, Kilnsey, North Yorkshire
Type of activity: Survey

In 2008 the group successfully bid for a grant to survey and excavate a corn drying kiln at Kilnsey. This was a community project, and also involved the pupils of Kettlewell First School. The entire field known as Kilnsey Green was topographically surveyed by members of the UWHG, under the direction of Dr Roger Martlew, in spring 2008, as a precursor to excavating the supposed site of the drying kiln. Excavation took place, in conjunction with the Ingleborough Archaeology Group, over ten days in September 2008 and it revealed a two-phase corn drying kiln: an earlier phase ‘keyhole’-type kiln with an external stone-lined flue and rounded interior; and the squared fire pit of a later phase kiln, aligned in the same way as the kiln shown on the tithe map. Archaeomagnetic dating of the flue entry was unsuccessful. A large assemblage of artefacts was recovered from within the primary fill of the bowls, consisting mainly of pottery with a limited number of metal objects.