Ingleborough Summit Project

Project location/site: Ingleborough summit plateau
Type of activity: Excavation

In conjunction with English Heritage, the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority and a commercial archaeological contractor, the Group is involved with a new project connected with the remains on the summit plateau. It has several aims:
1. In recent years the increasing scale of damage being done to the surviving structures on the summit has caused a good deal of concern and there is the possibility that the damage will be irreversible within a few years if nothing is done. Part of the project aims to try and redress the deterioration by removing and dismantling recent illicit ‘structures’ and by educating the public by placing information panels on the approaches to the summit, explaining what the remains represent. The base of the Hospice Tower is steadily being taken apart to create unofficial and ugly windbreaks so this may well be stabilised and consolidated to prevent further robbing of stone.
2. Detailed surveying of the perimeter ‘ramparts’ will ensure that what is still there will be recorded for posterity.
3. A relatively new dating technique (OSL) will hopefully settle for ever when the stone structures on the summit were erected. For decades the hilltop has been regarded as a defensive hill fort of the Roman period but it is possibly much older than that and almost certainly not of a defensive nature at all.