Kingsdale Head Project

Project location/site: Kingsdale Head, north-east of Ingleton, SD712 800
Type of activity: Excavation

The Group has been working on the site for five seasons now. Components so far investigated are a radiocarbon-dated Bronze Age burnt mound, a 13th century longhouse-type building of residential use, and a radiocarbon-dated Mesolithic site with one large fire pit, a smaller pit containing burnt material, and a very large assemblage of chert lithics, with some flint, suggesting knapping activity on site. Excavation is currently underway on the Mesolithic site so it has yet to be fully understood. What we have been able to conclude so far is that the now largely deserted valley (there are only two farms within it) has proved attractive to visitors from prehistoric times to the present day. There is no suggestion that the site has been continuously occupied from the Mesolithic to our time, and it may well be that people have come and gone intermittently to exploit what the valley has had to offer. If there was a shallow post-glacial lake in the Kingsdale, or perhaps a large wetland, it would have been a rich source of game, fish, birdlife and plantlife for hunting and foraging.