Reconstructing the Past: From the Land to the Lab 2009 - 2010

For the second year of this project the museum chose to concentrate more on practical archaeology and how objects are discovered. The main focus was the exhibition ‘Reconstructing the Past: from the land to the lab’ which was on display at the museum during the spring and summer of 2009. The exhibition explored the science behind modern archaeology by tracking the journey of four different objects. Visitors could spend time in ‘The Finds Tent’ and ‘The Lab’ as well as looking at aerial photographs and a Roman burial reconstruction.

As part of the project, the museum held education sessions with local schools that followed the themes of the exhibition and used the facilities within the displays such as the digital microscope. Over the summer the museum held archaeology-themed family events ranging from activity fun days to drop-in professional demonstrations.

During the autumn museum staff visited local primary schools and carried out full-day workshops, again based around the theme of modern archaeology. The children did an experiment to learn about how buried archaeological remains have an effect on the ground above them, examined real archaeology finds and created collages showing how they thought the past may have looked. A roadshow event was then held in or near each school so members of the local community could see the children’s fantastic work and participate in some fun demonstrations and crafts themselves.

Identifying archaeology samples
Using a geophysics machine Creating pictures of the past Identifying archaeology objects Making pottery the Roman way