Roebuck collection

In 1988 Clement Roebuck bequeathed his personal art collection to the museum. Roebuck had an interest in art for most of his adult life. He did not consider himself to be an art expert but claimed to have an eye for pictures, particularly for the work of emerging artists. Pieces in his collection were purchased mainly from London galleries or from the artists themselves, and his varied choices show an instinctive approach to the visual arts rather than a focused or directed one.

A changing selection of the Roebuck collection is always on display at the museum and all 145 pieces in the collection can be seen in the online gallery.

If you would like to enquire about this collection or would like further information simply get in touch with a member of our curatorial team.

Detail of Uhlman's Winter
Detail of Smith's View of Whitby Detail of Royle's View of Hill Top Detail of Knight's Gypsies and Caravan Detail of Piper's Vaux-sur-Yonne