About oral history at the museum

Over the last 40 years Craven Museum & Gallery has been interviewing people from throughout Craven to find out more about our area’s past. In total, around seventy tape recordings of the interviews have been collected, covering a range of subjects including World War Two, canals, farming and school days.

Thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and a team of committed volunteers, we have been able to digitise these collections and give people more access to this valuable insight into Craven’s past. Extracts of these recordings can now be listened to online and on the museum’s audio pod, and the full recordings can be heard by contacting the museum to make an appointment.

Click on the name below to hear extracts from our oral history collection. These clips focus on Craven during World War Two. We will keep adding more extracts to the website covering a wider range of subjects to share with you more of our oral history collection.

 Talking Treasure