Phyllis Waterfall

Phyllis Waterfall was born in 1914 into a Quaker family. In 1930 she met Arnold Waterfall, at a Yorkshire Quakers Conference in Skipton. They were married in 1939, the same week Phyllis sat her final nursing exam in York.

Phyllis and Arnold lived in Sheep Street above the family run bookshop ‘J.J. Waterfall’. They later moved to the Wardens Cottage in Airton where, during the Second World War, they took in refugees from Liverpool.

After the War, Phyllis worked as a Nursing Recruitment Officer, recruiting nurses for work in the Mental Health Sector. She was also invited to join Skipton Soroptimists and travelled extensively to meetings throughout the world, including USA, Turkey, Japan, Australia and Hawaii.


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 Phyllis Waterfall