The Natural World

The museum has several research collections relating to the natural world. These collections are largely very sensitive so they do not often appear on display.

The botany collection is made up of herbarium sheets containing pressed and dried samples of flora and fauna from across Craven. Historically, the museum was used as a place to deposit a sample of any new species of plants found in the local area.

The entomology collection contains examples of many butterfly and insect species. These have been collect from around the world, rather than just Craven, to create a more complete set.

The geology collection houses minerals and fossils. A large amount of the collection was put together by local collectors Dr Arthur Raistrick and Welbury Wilkinson Holgate.

The zoology collection includes taxidermied mammals, birds and fish. There is also a range of birds’ eggs collected during the late 19th century (1800s) by Colonel Tottie.

If you would like to enquire about this collection or would like further information simply get in touch with a member of our curatorial team.

Butterflies from the entomology collection
Pressed plants from the botony collection Minerals from the geology collection Rabbit from the zoology collection Fossils from the geology collection