• Treasures of the Deep

Explore the world of minerals, fossils and shells with objects including ammonite, agates, pyrites and fossilised coral. 

  • Craven Collects

This Discovery Box contains late 19th and early 20th century items to explore everyday life with objects such as ink bottles, nutcracker, baby’s bottle, and potato masher.

  • Turned to Stone

Discover what Craven’s landscape would have been like through examining the fossils of creatures and plants from the past. Fossils include coral, gastropod, goniatite, and scale tree fossils with ID sheets and other supporting material.

  • Beth’s Box

Explore the life of a Victorian Maid with the objects of this Discovery Box, including a pie funnel, metal hot water bottle, candle snuffer and glove stretcher.

  • John’s Box

This Discovery box examines the life of a Victorian schoolchild. Objects such as a copy book, text book, certificates and teacher’s manual bring this box to life through the eyes of a Victorian school child John. 

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